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  1. Come join OnyxPS!

    Come play OnyxPS at Register an account on the forums and ask for an open beta link, guthix will be redirected on launch!
  2. We have finished revising the client finally to the point where it will be perfect on all operating systems. We have also added a lot of cool features will the client Please download the latest client to even log into the server or you will be blocked/denied entry (sorry) Read the update thread for the latest updates
  3. Guthix stuck?

    Doing some major updates dont mind me there will be a new client up to connect with
  4. Are you still updating? It isn't allowed me to log in

    1. hippylettuce


      I'm playing on mac nd it's fucked for mac

    2. LordGonz


      it should work in all operative systems now

  5. Here you can find the new client, this post will be up until we make the update log
  6. August Updates - VERY LATE

    Woo awesome updates, right guys
  7. Achievement Birds

    What, the chick can open up your bank, loot charms, gives up to 2x exp and drop. How is that not good
  8. Bonfire?

    We could make it for everyone, but make a certain log that you need to get from the new raid system, and the bonfire would only last for like 5-10 minutes? Or maybe make a flint reward.
  9. Need to address the community before i leave, I will be checking up on Guthix for 2-3 hours a day instead of my usual 8-10 hours. During my time in Laos I will have a lot of creativity thinking again and will be writing down a huge update list for my Developer. The other owner of Guthix Sean will be managing some things while I am gone and filling in the spot Our developer Nmik is also on vacation from 10-14 and will be back working on the 15th, so expect maybe a huge update log on the 18th-20th. We have also made a ton of updates, but didn't make threads about it. We want the community to post any feedback and any content they want to see as I will have a lot of time to read these things while in Laos. I have to go to Laos every 3 months and I know a lot of members are sitll here from last time I went such as watzun1 and others Marketing is on auto pilot so we should always see a growing guthix, I will be pushing more marketing while in Laos and much more when I come back. We have an amazing server, just need players for it Thanks love you all, this is a message from Guthix himself!!!!!!
  10. Bonfire?

    Will be easy to add in, I will consider it and talk it over with my dev
  11. HELP

    Deeply sorry for this, we were trying to combat advertisers, but it affected our loyal players instead. We will get to the bottom of this today.
  12. Muted?

    We fixed the auto mute system for the 3rd time, if it still mutes we will remove it and just add our UID banning plan. Greatly sorry for this
  13. Killerz297 for In Game Mod

    Approved, welcome to the staff team!
  14. I thought this would be a good idea and that the iron man community can have their own little club/forums we will be implementing the ranks as well on the forums. We want this to be a place where iron man can feel at home! Now its up to you guys to fill up the forums with tons of threads and posts about iron man!
  15. Here you can request any of the iron man ranks. Requirements - -In-game you must have at least one 99 -Must have at least 3 posts in the iron man forums and be apart of the iron man community Application - -Take a picture of your stats and in the chat box include your Forum name That's it, it will take about one day to apply your rank

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