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  1. come join us in guthixps it s X2 exp from thursday 6pm to sunday 6pm EST

  2. H

  3. King's Reign Fix

    my glitched after i went through the portal to kill the dark wizard or whatever and it reset to the beginning and i cant even start it again R.I.P.
  4. Guthix stuck?

    same fam
  5. Guthix stuck?

    alright sounds dandy to me lets go dwarf cannon
  6. Zulrah?

    I support this 100% blow pipe would be dope , we gotta add dragon darts aswell, tbh id like to see multi color blowpipes like with the dbow and whips that'd be sick af.
  7. yo server is back up dont login alex said not to

  8. Ancient body, Guthix body and chaps

    Buying dhide versions on this i need it for fashion scape obviously
  9. Blood Necklace Update

    yeah it would be greatly appreciated ^.^
  10. Update to Recipe for Disaster(D3zastar)

    i mean in the sense of prayer lvl and it probably can be done with the right gear since lvl3 can equip primal
  11. Blood Necklace Update

    Can we get the Blood necklace to work? I recently acquired one today off another player and would like to see this amulet have a special function like that in rs 07 or osrs, As it seems the fury seems bit better in my opinion for range/mage n def and idk why when the blood necklace costs 150kPk
  12. Donator rank on Forums

    May I get my donator rank on here?
  13. Ashey suggested adding prayer exp to quest reward bonus and I second this thought, I feel as though it would be beneficial to new players clearing it and give them a jump start.
  14. that blue flag event mang

  15. new price list 17-9-2017

    i support this

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