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  1. Be active ! :D happy halloween :D


  2. Error loading client

    you are welcome Guthix (4).jar
  3. Farming and Herblore guide

    excelent guide ! well done ! going forward herblore ;D Lordgonz
  4. Be Active movement

    we hope he gets on soon, alex and sean i've seen more activity now, but we have to keep pushing ! Lordgonz
  5. Hello All

    Hello Dynamo/Soulreaper ! Welcome to forum (: i know it will be a very usefull tool. glad to see your post and you playing see you around stay gold Lordgonz
  6. Become better everyday

  7. Be Active movement

    Hello to all players & staff members, I want to please ask every single player to be active. Dont let all the effort and time down. Think that we can make a diference . maybe im 1/4 people that are online atm, but i wont let it turn me off. People ask questions, i just stay and wait till some official anwers are given, please Alex, Sean we need you guys too. i know you dont hate us, i know you care about us, i know you care about the server. that feeling makes me strong enough to be online. I want to keep playing Guthix & i will do everything i possibly can. We are one, and as long as i have faith, server will never be alone. Lordgonz
  8. farewell

    hope you come back someday ! we miss you
  9. Ay nubblies

    Welcome to the server courtney ! glad to see there still girls playin rs !
  10. Graphic designer or whatever

    Im a grafic designer ! if you need my skills pm me asap greetings Lordgonz
  11. Vote page is crashed

    Apparently it is
  12. Vote page is crashed

    Hello fellows , Today i wanted to vote for the server and noticed that the page has crashed :s Evidence: hope they solve it soon, best regards Lordgonz
  13. What is your IGN/In-game name - Lordgonz Applying for the rank - In Game Moderator What are your contributions to Guthix - You can see my posts here: https://guthixps.com/forums/profile/1746-lordgonz/ What is your time zone - UTC −5 Why do you want this Rank - i've been playing this awesome old school runescape private server, and im aiming to join the staff team, to make everyday Guthix rsps a better place to play in. i know almost all the ingame active players, im active like 24/7 , i like to solve and prevent problems, also im always online at Discord , so you can conctact me anytime you need or want. i dont have no problem at all providing my help through facebook chat/sistem. pm for my fb link. Im from Perú, and speak spanish as first language, English and basic french yours faithfully, Lordgonz
  14. Suggestions (Periodically Updated)

    Leader* great update btw !

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