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  1. Fuck The End

    feel like the owners left for a server that's going to be worse than this one though tbh fam
  2. Be Active movement

    alex is busy n we ded af
  3. My bank

    disliked for no unregistered hypercam
  4. H

    feel like you are a lot more uptight than the standard for staff on this server fam
  5. Zulrah?

    personally i try to avoid servers with OSRS jagex rsps content as much as possible.
  6. new price list 17-9-2017

    well some of the prices are clearly off but most of it seems about right so good job
  7. I Done Did It .-.

  8. Tvarius IRL OSRSGP trading

    calm down buddy no need to get your panties in a twist
  9. Tvarius IRL OSRSGP trading

    neh i don't really see any harm done here as it probably wouldn't cost guffix any donations, also don't really like the salt from ya
  10. guess if you started playing again, how often do you allahu snackbar tho
  11. HELP! I've been hacked.

    be honest now was your password memelord69 or did you use the same password on dikscaipe
  12. Ironman Guides

    basically the fastest method to progress as a ironman from the npcs to kill for gear to the order of skills n sht
  13. Ironman Guides

    id like a efficiency guide if you can actually bother figuring it out
  14. Stock Market

    am i invited to the gangbang ladies?
  15. @Chillpwned

    i wouldn't call what happened here flame wars, sure i was compared to a less than ideal female which was kind of uncalled for but i'm just fine with that.

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