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  1. FOUR players actively playing the server right now! Everyone checking up on forums join us!

  2. Be Active movement

    We got this. This community can not be killed.
  3. Error loading client

    Kiwi, did the link work for you??
  4. Error loading client

    I went through my computer to try and find a download link but no luck..
  5. Error loading client

    That sucks... :/
  6. Error loading client

    hm... well then i am not sure on how to fix it... you have the older client still in ur bin maybe?
  7. Fuck The End

    Guys hi i am known ingame as C. This server seems troubled and the owners have left us with nothing but a running server. Lets try and keep the community going. There is no need to keep the server flooded or the forums flowing because it wont bring people without updates. Therefore all i want is for the players to stick around, check back once in a while and do not leave please. People like MINI, Frozen Kiwi, Tim0776, Garbage Man, Dankman, Gruntlogic, Armadyl, Waasi, Watzun1 etcetera. I hope you guys arent lost, that you still check up on the server with the hope that Guthix can make a comeback. Almost forgot Chillpwned, can not miss him, love ur work on the forums! Thanks my loves.
  8. Error loading client

    ignore the pop up, i do and i can log on with no problem
  9. Hello All

    Sup Dynamo! Hope you enjoy it here and on the server, shoot me a pm if you wanna do something ingame or whatever! IGN: C
  10. Bonfire?

    yea definitely!
  11. Goirk

    Welcome welcome! Woah I was unaware that the server had been running for that long Awesome to see old members, veterans are the real mvps C
  12. Bonfire?

    knights aswell pls, heh
  13. My Return!

    Welcome back! In time for my reappearance aswell. Sorry to here about your issue, hope your mom and you are doing okey and that your brother comes around. Love, C
  14. If you visit my profile i expect you to instantly become my friend, see you in game.

    I am down to go bossing, skill side by side, talk shit, just hang, play fashionscape hit me up pm @ C

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