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  1. Guthix - $250 Giveaway/Server Showcase

    IGN Smaygen - my youtube isn't opening on my phone
  2. Animal Puns

    That was very soFISHsticated, KOALAity post there man you are the CHIMPion!
  3. Farewell!

    Good luck bro! I'm sure you'll do great!
  4. Camping :)

    Thanks man! yeah definitely been a bit slack recently! Haha i need to bud always get bitten and i'm from England... ALWAYS take a rain jacket
  5. Camping :)

    I'm going away camping tomorrow till Monday so I won't be on till Monday night. Have fun online everyone, i'll still be viewing the forums every now and then to stay updated. See you Monday! Smaygen
  6. The Summer Preparation

    Always keeping on top of things which is great! And yes, thank you to all the staff and owners for being amazing and super friendly and helpful. Everyone on this server is awesome and it keeps getting better and better! Can't wait for the future updates and hopefully the server will grow tremendously!
  7. Vehicles I've Owned

    Nice cars bro! congratulations Chill, on both forums moderator and passing your driving test! Ive got a mini one 1.6 - pretty fast and quite nice ill post a picture soon (at work at the moment) but yeah it's my first car looking to get a volvo v40 soon
  8. Bug and Suggestion List

    Nice spots bro and great suggestions!
  9. Hey, i'm David.

    Welcome bro! Honestly this is the number 1 server, great players, awesome staff and the most keen, reliable owners.
  10. Hiya Guthix!

    Sounds fair enough haha again, welcome bro! you'll love this server cya around
  11. Hiya Guthix!

    Welcome bro! How long does it take to learn to ride a kangaroo... asking for a friend.
  12. 05/08/17 - Mega Update, Its BIG!

    Awesome work guys! I think the tear system will be amazing, beginning those skills you don't particularly like doing. Good job!
  13. Vacation

    Haha! I love camping bro go like 4 times a year! Always get's my sleeping pattern proper again and just feel great. Also, gives me and my girlfriend some privacy...
  14. Vacation

    Welcome back buddy hope you have a great time going camping with my girlfriend soon
  15. Looks good man loving the constant updates Can't wait for the mega update

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