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  1. Error loading client

    Just have someone send you over their cache or try changing cacheversion.dat to say 8.0 when you edit with notepad or whatever
  2. Error loading client

    make sure to open with javaw not java C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.blabla\bin "javaw"
  3. Clue Scroll Locations [Guide]

    Not sure if you noticed, but you actually posted 5 clues including the clock tower one. But there is one more clue.. It is across the bridge behind the wizard's tower in draynor.
  4. Ay nubblies

    What specifically happens? Does it like not start up or.. what?
  5. Graphic designer or whatever

    Looking for skilled individuals in the dark arts. I would like to offer payment in sacrifice. Don't think I will meet the qualifications though. Anyway... Anyone got any skills that involve some form of "making" something?
  6. Buying missing pieces

    updated thread
  7. Ay nubblies

    Pretty sure the client works on mac since sean uses a mac and he is able to get on.
  8. Suggestions (Periodically Updated)

    Added suggestion for raids and other shit as well
  9. Price guide (May 9, 2016)

    Ya man this is from old guthix. The most updated one is watzun's/dales i believe
  10. Timezone (UTC): UTC-8 (but my schedule is kinda random) Discord Tag: Daleks Languages: English, some arabic(forgot most) What is your In-game name: Daleks What is your irl (In Real Life) name?: No Applying for the rank (Helper/Moderator): Helper What are your contributions to Guthix (Link threads/Posts/Pictures): Maximize Skills Prayer Guide Slayer guide(somewhat outdated due to teleport feature now) Hunter guide Why would you make a good addition to the current team?: I'm me. The one and only Daleks. Very popular amongst the ladies. I might just steal your girl if you don't hire me. Ps: I've helped many people to find things as well as answered lots of questions. How much time do you spend on Guthix daily?: Eh... like 3-4 hours? What do you think are three important qualities of a member of the staff team? To be able to take joke(not be an ass), help others, and to rule with an iron fist when needed.
  11. Maximize your skills!

    Appears people are having a hard time finding this so thought I would bump it.
  12. can't load client

    Try opening cmd and typing setx _JAVA_OPTIONS To open cmd press windows key + r and type cmd and press enter/ok Also try disabling your antivirus and see if that has an effect
  13. Suggestions (Periodically Updated)

    Updated with some more shit. Noticed that apparently all logs make same amount of shafts. When in rs they make +15 every higher lvl of log(apparently this is a newer update though so unsure if you want to add) Its only +5 on rs3 tho

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