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  1. Be Active movement

    alex hasn't been on either?
  2. Be Active movement

    why is player count so low? i get out of hosp to see 4 online o.o
  3. Hello All

    welcome man
  4. New Achievement Bird's Content

    well that was a whole lot of text i couldnt really decode. bbbbuuuttt anywho if you use scrolls on a bird they always have the scrolls, i insured my chick with no scrolls on it then i put scrolls on it and when i die it still has the scrolls its just a chick again
  5. YoungLadTV in the house~

    welcome glad to have ya with us man
  6. Farming and Herblore guide

    You have to buy them, because there is no secondaries, which is why ironman can't make overloads.
  7. H

    -1 from me that nonsense yesterday was more than enough to show me you not quite staff material yet. Plus you have only been playing for about a week right? Give it a bit more time and i might change my mind. Not to say you are not helpful in game, you are very helpful to new players
  8. Guthix stuck?

    up and ready to go
  9. Zulrah?

    For the next big update, i'd love to see zulrah added along with its content of course! How would you guys feel about that?
  10. new price list 17-9-2017

    This is exactly why you have to be careful when posting a price guide, because people don't know prices and will trust it blindly. Not saying i don't appreciate the guide, i do, was just giving feedback
  11. Clue Scroll Locations [Guide]

    There's already a guide with all the clues in it but thanks for taking the time to make this
  12. Blood Necklace Update

    doesn't have to be an exact copy of the rs version, just a buff in general
  13. Blood Necklace Update

    I got nothing against adding an effect on there
  14. You get combat lvl doing dung tho
  15. if you can do this right when you start, you are a god among mortals o.o

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