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  1. Hello

    I offered you to know me first, but meh. Im good w that.
  2. Hello

    Haha, not going to stay long buddy. Unless Guthix wont accept my offer.
  3. Hello

    Hello dear players! Just asking, hm players do you have?
  4. Mrs Skillers intro!

    Awesome man!
  5. Bonus xp is LIVE!

    Thank you! :3
  6. bye

  7. Theo's first pk vid

    Understand. Im working on huge sh*t! xD
  8. Theo's first pk vid

    Good job mate! Is this video you are going to participate the competition?
  9. Binary error

    All Over Again! xD So many has this problem. Delete all guthix files you can find, after that check you java again, if its latest version and after these steps download guthix again. Good luck! Pm staff, if this didn't worked.
  10. Wazdeze application for Server Support.

    If you managed to get this message nice and easy, then I support! That was test! Sorry for strong language. :S
  11. Wazdeze application for Server Support.

    "You mothafucka!" Don't come here and ruin this server...
  12. Mrs Skillers Server Support Application

    Good luck!
  13. Short Pk

    C U soon! ;( We had few arguments, but doesn't matter. xD
  14. Ironman help guide

    Few colors are hard to see.
  15. Extreme Account Ep.4

    Maybe its more entertaining if you would make ironman series? Extreme is nothing special. xD

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