1. Guthix Official

    1. News & Announcements

      Stay up-to-date on the latest news and happenings on Guthix!

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    2. Server Development

      Check for the most recent updates to the server and suggest new ones here!

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    3. Knowledge Base and Rules

      Here you can find any questions you have about Guthix and our rules.

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      Download Guthix

    5. Donator Benefits   (1,453 visits to this link)

      Find out what you could get for donating to Guthix!

  2. Guthix General

    1. General Discussion

      Discuss anything about the server here

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    2. Introductions

      New to the community? Drop in and say hello!

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    3. Guides & Tutorials

      Write an informative guide or tutorial to help your fellow members!

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    4. Server Media

      Display your pictures and videos here!

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    5. Goals & Achievements

      Show us your progression to your long-awaited goals!

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    6. Events

      Organize and host your own events for the community here

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    7. Clans

      Join a clan on Guthix

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  3. Guthix Support

    1. General Help

      Need help in-game, with the client, or the forum? Ask the community and we'll solve your problem!

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  4. Guthix Ironman

    1. Ironman General

      Iron man can talk about anything here, ask questions, give information, anything!

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    2. Ironman Guides and Tutorials

      Here you can find out the best information on how to play your iron man from other experienced iron man

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    3. Ironman Request a Rank

      Here you can request the iron man rank on the forums, but only if you meet the iron man requirements. Are you ready to join the Guthix iron man club?

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    4. Ironman Achievements and Media

      Your an iron man and you must of accomplished some great things as a solo player, its your time to shine!

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  5. Guthix Applications

    1. Apply for rank

      You can apply for Donator/Helper/Mod/Youtuber rank here!

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  6. The Marketplace

    1. Buying

      Want to buy an item from another player? Post what you want here

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    2. Selling

      Want to sell an item from another player? Post what you are selling here

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    3. Service Offerings

      Offer or purchase member services here

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  7. Off-Topic Discussion

    1. Media & Entertainment

      Post any entertainment or media you would like to share with the community!

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    2. Real Life Discussion

      Discuss anything going on in your life or the world around you!

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    3. Other Games

      Talk about any other games here

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